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Ancient Family Ties

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My Story

My name is Ceara Comeau and I have been doing genealogy research for over a decade. My interest in this topic came when I was at the ripe young age of twelve. I wanted to learn more about who my ancestors were and where they came from. My parents knew a little and the more they told me, the more I wanted to learn. I’ve trained under a professional genealogist and even went as far as attending a class on the topic.

When I researched all I could on my family, I then began doing my friend's family trees. It was then that I realized other people wanted to learn about their roots too, but didn’t always have the time to look into it. That’s where “Ancient Family Ties” comes in to play. I want to help people connect with their past as it’s my belief that every person deserves to know where they come from. Genealogy allows for people to honor their ancestors in a deeper and meaningful way. Who knows, maybe you could find out that you are related to a king, a hero, or even a villain!

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Why me?

I'm a genealogist consultant and search angel. My rates are very reasonable and depending on the job could be free.  


If you have any questions regarding my rates for a particular job, please send me an email! 

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Get in Touch

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